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Yesterday was Cup Day here. Cup Day is THE horse race that stops the nation, so we all get a public holiday. It’s always the first Tuesday in November, a silly day really, as everyone takes the Monday off and makes it a long weekend. Zero productivity all round for schools and businesses.

This year, we decided to take the Friday off and make it an extra long, long weekend. Having not been out camping for what feels like ages, we decided to head for the hills. We drove 6 hours most days and covered some spectacular territory. From lush green farm valleys, to snow top mountains and alpine lakes,  grassy river flats,  rocky mountains and ending it all at the coast. It was an amazing 5 day journey and we were extremely fortunate with our weather.

Here are some shots of our journey:


camping trip 1


camping trip 2


camping trip3


camping trip 4


camping trip 6


camping trip 7


camping trip 8


camping trip 9


camping trip 12


camping trip 11


camping trip 10


camping trip 5


camping trip 13


camping trip 14


camping trip 15


I just had to sneak that last shot in. There are always heaps of kangaroos where we go to on the coast, way too many of them in fact.

An awesome short trip, and I’m already planning the next one. Have you been on any recent travels?


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2 Responses to travels in pictures

  1. Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life Friday 8 November 2013 at 5:55 am #

    It looks like you had a fun weekend get-away. Thanks for the photos. It give me an idea of what it’s like there where you live and play.

  2. Kay Saturday 9 November 2013 at 6:53 am #

    Beautiful drive! Would love to have some of that Sunshine and Blue Skies, the rain and clouds are starting to get to me this time of year :)

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